The Eyeball Lesson

We’ve been focusing (so to speak) on the eye in its functions of vision and leading action of the whole self–now, let’s weigh (so to speak–is the pun tired yet?) its simple physical existence: our grasp of the eye in our self-image.

One thought on “The Eyeball Lesson

  1. bonnie angelie

    very challeging to imagine and i noticed one side of my neck getting tight; the ‘usual’ one.
    also maybe a tiny bit of vertigo shortly afterwards as well as a feeling of panoramic view.

    i was looking for a lesson i could do, while in a hip/leg abduction brace for treatment of a dislocation of a twice replaced hip.

    unfortunately, i can’ work so have very limited resources and hope you’ll overlook the lack of payment.

    thanks, lynette, and peace, health success in 2014.



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