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Sliding along the length of the leg

You’d think this is about the legs and the hips. But we’re focusing on the hips and shoulders in the context of the whole. Your shoulders are certainly finding all sorts of new connections for supporting and enabling action in this one. Maybe it’s really about the ways that both your hip joints and your shoulder joints really start somewhere around T8…

Local class participants note the whitewashing! I edited out all evidence of my arriving late for class.

Hooking the big toe and passing the knee

Holding your big toe in a hook formed by your index finger, you pass your knee from side to side of your elbow. What lets your knee do this? What gets in the way? As usual, it’s a surprise how little your actual hip joint, and how much your spine and chest and head have to do with this.

Legs to the side and lifting them with the hands

Zooming in on the hips, but within a context where everything has to play along–the weight shifting on the pelvis, the shoulder lengthening instead of clutching, the head willing to go anywhere, the chest and spine flexible.