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Another oscillations lesson

If you want to feel really asymmetrical (and who doesn’t?), this is the lesson for you!

Feeling asymmetrical, by the way, is nature’s way for you to learn from yourself.  So it’s useful, apart from being fun.

Tilting pelvis sitting: another recording

As we start the last 6-week series before my sabbatical, I am in the mood for coming back to the basics–with the fresh eyes I’ve developed and you’ve all developed from doing more Feldenkrais. And from living.

The title of this lesson talks about tilting the pelvis. There’s never one answer to the question “what is this movement?” but there’s a lot to be said for this as an exploration of the idea of how your back relates to your knees. And the surprising places that can take you.

Getting to know the hip joints

Hmmm…thought I’d long ago recorded and posted this one. No! Somewhere between the low back and the knees, the hip joints play a major role in action. Here’s a powerful flashlight you can use to clarify this area in your self-image.

Frog’s Legs

We’re thinking about Theo Jansen’s wonderful Strandbeests, and how ‘stupid’ the knees are. They don’t need any sophistical neurological control. They just have to unfold at the right moment and be there for the weight of the body to pass over them.

How do you let your leg unfold?

This version is AY 117, by the way.

Lying on the feet turned in, while breathing rhythmically

You could say there’s a hierarchy of degrees of conscious control in ourselves–our fingers and mouths the most consciously controlled; our legs less so, carrying us along without much thought wherever we want to go. And our breathing, even more so, takes care of itself while we’re doing other things. We’ll reverse that a bit in this lesson, making the breathing the subject of conscious control and monitoring, while we do quite unusual things with out legs…the hands and mouth can take care of themselves!

Folding ankle on the outside

Intimately connected to the rotation at the knee of the two bones of the lower leg, we find a new dimension of freedom in the hip joint and an unusual folding of the ankle. This the second of a four-lesson series recovering what are for many people long-forgotten knee functions.

Taking the foot through the ring of the arms

Things got a little crazy on Charles Street on Wednesday. Make a circle with your arms, hands interlaced, and now try to lace your legs through this. We didn’t quite get to the point of skipping rope with our own bodies as the skipping-rope. Maybe we’ll do that next week.