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Crawling to sitting addendum

Do the previous lesson (From crawling to sitting) first! This is just an experimental add-on, a little trial of some ideas, an exploration to see what happens, tacked on at the end of the lesson for those who would stay.

From crawling to sitting

A little bit of this with the hands, a little bit of that with the feet… yes, shoulders and hips. But can we put it all together into something functional? For a baby at least? Find spiral transitions and stealth twistings of the long axes of the arms and legs?

Having the pelvis lie left and right

The grand finale–a proposal that focuses you on generating movement from the core. In other lessons we roll or transition with the push or pull of our limbs, or at the very least their weight carries us along. Here everything is kept very close to home, and you have no options left but to move from the core and lengthen the spine.

Advancing on all four

When you have to balance on your knees, you really start talking to your hips and spine about what they’re up to and whether they’re talking to one another. None of that fine adjustment in the feet, the bones of the lower leg, the knee joints to save you.

Making the spine flexible and integrating it

Albinus_t03Chronic tension of the lumbar and neck extensors is a fundamental pattern of limitation. This lesson addresses these areas actively and passively, with ingenious variations that address some key “hidden spots,” particularly in the upper back and neck.

The image from Albinus may help you visualize the bodies and spinous processes of the vertebrae.

You can read a discussion of some passages in Moshe’s books that relate to this lesson here: Commentary on AY 177: Making the spine flexible and integrating it.