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Elbows in crooks

This fascinating lesson (but which lesson isn’t fascinating?) is (literally?) an eye-opener. Picking up some ideas from Violin arms┬ábut moving closer in to the core, it will show you some connections and some distinctions you probably have never felt before in your shoulders.

Hands interlaced

Explore some of the remarkable agility you have in your hands and wrists. And while you’re at it–who knows?–your neck may lengthen and shoulders re-organize.

I tried a slightly different recording arrangement to get rid of the annoying scratchy noises–it made them worse. Will try to fix before the next class!

Twisting the Pelvis with a Long Arm

Taking the idea of turning around the axis into another orientation (lying on our backs, rolling to the side), and playing with some flexion along the front diagonals: you’ll get an interesting view into your shoulders with this one! Like an x-ray machine, only kinaesthetic, with zero radiation exposure!