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Another “classic rotation sitting” lesson

We’re finishing up this series—this is the fourth last class perhaps for the next year—with some classic lessons. Whatever a “classic” lesson means! It’s surprising how much of a voyage of discovery a familiar lesson can be.  Side-sitting, your explore how combining different coordinations of your eyes, shoulders, head—and everything that supports all that, down to your toes—expands your possibilities for action.

Opposition on the side

All these years, I tell you to go slower, slower, slower–and now fast? Fast, quick, light movements? Astonishing. And just wait to see how your breathing and use of your spine changes.

This is AY 447, for those keeping track. And a week is a long time in Canada, lately anyway. The bobblehead joke probably no longer makes much sense. It’s been overtaken by other events. Miley Cyrus is eternal however (really?) and the ATM I refer to as “the Miley Cyrus” is AY 451.

Somewhere in your back…

The first lesson of our new Sept – Oct 2013 series: a gentle twisting movement on your side.

Some of my comments suggest that you might do the second side (as you go from side to side) in your imagination. This is always a good option when you can’t follow the instructions without pain. It’s also a really useful technique whatever your ability to move comfortably.

This is AY 434, for those keeping track at home.

Three minutes before the end of the lesson, I realize that my earring is hitting my microphone, and remove it. Oops.

On the side – head and pelvis

Harness the power of the pelvis to support your upper limbs — with some twists, bends, and an intriguing mystery with the toes.

I’ll try to figure out what all those crunchy noise are and stop them. I think it’s a hair-microphone thing.

(This is AY 440.)


Classical twist on the side with an advanced opening

The kayak image isn’t Moshe’s; it’s local colour. We specialize in local colour in Nova Scotia. Meanwhile, I doubt there’s a better lesson for lengthening your neck, greasing your hips (how did that happen?), changing your walk, and reorganizing the use of your arms. Check it out.

Bending while sitting and shoulder movements

Here we get into more detail with the shoulders, but still in a manner that relates everything to everything. I’m not quite sure why the class found that idea so funny. 😉

Twisting the Pelvis with a Long Arm

Taking the idea of turning around the axis into another orientation (lying on our backs, rolling to the side), and playing with some flexion along the front diagonals: you’ll get an interesting view into your shoulders with this one! Like an x-ray machine, only kinaesthetic, with zero radiation exposure!